Hi, I'm Cooper the dog!

I'm cute and cuddly

and looking for a home!

I will hold your pajamas

during the day, nice and

neat on your bed!  When

you lose a tooth, I  will

hold it safely in my pocket

until the Tooth Fairy

comes to take it!
This is the back view of the Pajama Pouch™ . It has a secure hook and loop closure in the back to hold your child’s pajamas.
You can hang your Pajama Pouch™ on the bed or it can sit on top of the bed like a cute pillow during the day.

Pajama Pouch™
is a fun and functional
addition to your child's

Use the
Pajama Pouch™
to hold
pajamas in a
cute pouch that looks
like a pillow on their
bed during the day.

At night, the
Pajama Pouch™
serves as a
convenient way for
children to find their
pajamas when
getting ready for bed.

The tooth fairy pocket
is a great place to hold
any baby teeth for the
Tooth Fairy!

Pajama Pouch™
is oversized at
18" high and 15" wide

The Pajama Pouch™ is a great, affordable gift for a girl or boy!


Your Pajama Pouch™ has a tooth fairy pocket, a convenient and fun way to hold a fallen out tooth waiting for the Tooth Fairy!
Passes CPSIA safety testing requirements
The Pajama Pouch ™ is lead free.
Must be 18 years or older to order.
Pajamas not included.
Not recommended for children under 3.
Do not place in cribs.

New York residents add sales tax

Contact us at: sparrow@pajamapouch.com

Great for
sleepovers too!

Fits more than
one pair of
children's pajamas!